A megacity's oasis - the redesign and interior of a villa in Beijing.  We invented a location to retreat with harmony and silence. Everything around the tenant should be attractive but relaxing at the same time, like the old paintings of chinese landscapes. The house should be like a solid rock in a constantly floating river.    Luxury, calm and modernity became the main themes for the design . Our design does not coquette with the glamour of the newest the different at any price- but there should be subtle nuances in colours and forms to achieve atmosphere and effect.The interior design emphasizes the generosity of this living space and on the other hand it takes also some areas of the  villa to create very individual rooms to make the tenant feel really at home in this place. The ceilings are always set as high as possible to sustain this luxorious cubature of the building structure. Walls are added where the loftkind ambience would make it impossible for the tenant to get a warm or cozy feeling in his own home. The visitor is welcomed at the entrance with water and plants -  looking through he can imagine the representative part of the living area. A generously rolled staircase leads to the private living area.  There are always perspectives between the different areas which had all to be generated in this originally badly built concrete structure layout.  Inserted stairs make a reference to the chinese way of emphasizing different areas - also the reading room on the galery with modern chinese sliding doors reminds of old chinese houses. In contrast to this you find a modern designed area downstairs with a cinema with seats formed like waves on which you can watch your movie sitting or lying.