The newly built villa is located   in the only gated community in Beijing where people can tear down their old property and build their private home designed costum-made  by the architect of their choice. The old structure was so bad quality and the basement molded that the client was afraid of the families' health and the destruction of antique chinese furniture they collected since a long time. The family liked to have a modern house with different kind of roomfeelings and a japanese garden. The required scale of a villa, with an integrated museum in the rooffloor and service areas had to be realized in a comparatively small property which is normal in a dense megacity like Beijing.

The concept of a U shaped building with different kinds of windows for different room functions and a north fassade with the minimum of windows necessary, gave a high flexibility for the planning as a passive house and with an outside shading system overheating in summer could be eliminated. The monolithic shape of the building made it easy to realize the high insulation without cold bridges and fitted well to the Japanese garden design with a big fishpond.

The house was realized including the whole interior design with the following passivehouse components:

triple glazed wooden windows ,high dense XPS nonflammable ,
remote controlled outside shading systems,
solar thermal energy generation with buffer tanks,
geo thermal energy generation with buffer tank and heat pump for floor cooling,
24/7 venting system with heat exchanger, air purification HEPA, humidifier and dehumidifier,
building envelope thermal disconnected,
all details thermal bridge free realized,
only nontoxic interior fit out materials,
water filtration for drinking water quality