In 2008, the Daystar academy was the first 100% earth quake proof school building (as a refurbishment of an old factory) and the highest energy saving school in China, which provides for the children up to 50% more oxygen with purified clean air inside. The building has been highly insulated with permanent sun shading fins and triple glazing windows. Such a high level of energy saving for a building generates a huge reduction of investments and the property value is 20 – 30% higher than a similar conventional building and increases annually and any time the energy cost increase. As a low budget project, it was and still is, one of the most outstanding schools of its kind in Asia and therefore often honored and used as a showcase for many other projects, to be used as counterfeit.

The project was realized in cooperation with ROBARTS interiors and architecture, www.robartsinteriors.com. The company operated like a mentor to us as newcomers in China; meanwhile we could participate in all design phases and supervision with our knowledge about energysaving building planning.