The villa was transformed to a passivhouse after tearing down the whole building up to the main structure. The new design had to look similar to the old design. A building extension was added in the first floor and in the basement with a court for the maximum of privacy but also sunshine in these basement spaces. 700 sqm with the latest energysaving technology. coldbridgefree and with a modern bright interior design.  The focus of the design was to generate another roomfeeling than the old floorplan. The materials and colours were chosen simple by the client on purpose to be flexible in furnishing and decoration.

The house was realized with the following passivhouse components:

triple glazed wooden windows, high dense XPS nonflammable,
remote controlled outside shading systems,
solar thermal energy generation with buffer tanks,
geo thermal energy generation with buffer tank and heat pump for floor cooling,
24/7 venting system with heat exchanger, air purification HEPA, humidifier and dehumidifier,
building envelope thermal disconnected,
all details thermal bridge free realized,
only nontoxic interior fit out materials,
water filtration for drinking water quality