The villa is located in a modern design compound in Shunyi. After a careful introduction to enerysaving building technologies the client quickly became a fan of the passivhouse concept. So he longed for a transformation of his new home .The strict rules of this gated community required that the refurbishment, after tearing down the house  up to the main construction, had mainly to look like the former building .  A big challenge for us as architects because most of the windows were surrounded by concrete frames which mean to be coldbridges in terms of passivhouse requirements. So all these ornaments had to be detailed new and then built coldbridgefree! The building also got an extension which we designed that it seems to be part of the existing building. To gain a more generous living space the floorplan was emptied and got a real bufferzone because of the extreme cold wind in Beijing winters.

The house was realized including the whole interior design with the following passivhouse components:

triple glazed wooden windows ,high dense XPS nonflammable,
remote controlled outside shading systems,
solar thermal energy generation with buffer tanks,
geo thermal energy generation with buffer tank and heat pump for floor cooling,
24/7 venting system with heat exchanger, air purification HEPA, humidifier and dehumidifier,
building envelope thermal disconnected,
all details thermal bridge free realized,
only nontoxic interior fit out materials,
water filtration for drinking water quality