The headquarter of the historical Takraf ,world market leader for port cranes, now called Kranbau Eberswalde, is a homogenous red brick building. It is articulated in the east part, which was constructed between 1889 – 1930 in peaces of different size and the west part which was built as one extension in 1939.

First of all we had to make a building expertise and a feasibility survey to audit if it would be more efficient to demolish the old and build a new one, or to redevelop the whole building.

Thereafter we restructured the buildings with a high standard. First the east part which was less extensive because the room structure was not changed, to be able to rent out this building as fast as possible.

The design concept for the west building change d the former floor plan organization to a better internal communication, infrastructural office organization as well as an exposure of the inner spaces with sunlight with a huge steel-glass stair in the center of the building.We created some bright metropolitan office areas and a small number of frameless glass offices for the managers and the director with face-to-face interaction with the colleagues.

Furthermore our interior design and the furniture have been chosen referring to the technical alignment of the company. The only external architectural change was to emphasize the main entrance situation above  with a modern window design for the conference rooms.

The whole project was completed in time and within the budget.