A courtyard house from the early days of gated community developements in Shunyi, Eurovillage, needed an all over refurbishment. For energy saving and comfort improvement we integrated some passivehouse components, as for example a fresh air system for the whole house which provides fresh filtered air 24 hours. The interior design concept was to create a modern Japanese feeling with off-whites for a  simple but still elegant atmosphere. We emptied the floorplan to have bigger spaces, especially the generous entrance area. The lighting design was realized with an intelligent lighting system  from Lutron for different light scenes. A Fengshui master followed the whole designprocess and recommended to cover the open court. We solved this unusual wish with a curved steelconstruction and a Japanese pillar gallery with bambooblinds which highly satisfied the Fengshuimaster and the client. The court ceiling can be opened with various roofwindows for ventilation or can be totally closed because of the rough Beijjing climate and airpollution. Closed the court can be cooled and opened for the freshairsupply of the central freshairsystem.