The first passivhouse development for traditional-modern passivhouse courtyards in China. The housetype was designed to be multiplied to blocks with 6 houses. Each house has a generous entrance hall from which the floorplan starts to both sides with a big kitchen-living area. The living area faced to the street is lifted up to have view connection to the street without beeing seen by the pedestrians, whch is designed for people who would like to see what is going on outside the courtyards world without giving up the courtyard feeling!  Smaller functionrooms are placed in the floorplan as individual blocks with floor space on top so that the the generous roof space is not blocked. The houses have all features and equipment of a german passivehouse, So the user can enjoy the wonderful lifestyle of a traditional passivehouse without a lack of the best  comfort available.

Allhouses include: triple glazed wooden windows ,high dense XPS nonflammable, remote controlled outside shading systems,solar thermal energy generation with buffer tanks, geo thermal energy generation with buffer tank and heat pump for floor cooling, 24/7 venting system with heat exchanger, air purification HEPA, humidifier and dehumidifier, building envelope thermal disconnected, all details thermal bridge free realized, only nontoxic interior fit out materials, water filtration for drinking water quality.