WE GO FOR an intensive dialogue with the client to ensure somebody cares about his shelter, workplace or individual representation.

WE GO FOR permanence and longevity.

WE think  about space, its proportions and the fall of light we create a synthesis of concept, beauty and functional integration.

WE believe that in this process man should be the centre of all thoughts –we never put the design on top of importance but we try to bring  the design in a direction of clarity and sincerity.

WE  emphasize this by using the latest technologies of energy saving standards up to the  german passive house standard  and  energy autarcic  building designs.

WE GO  for bringing  these technologies combined with a functional and atmospheric design to China


PURPLE LEAF CO.,LTD is located in China, Beijing CBD.

Established by Kathrin Albrecht and Erk Schaffarczyk in 2008,  the architects – owners of the German design firm albrechtarchitects, Berlin-  expanded their field of work to China to serve the growing  demand of sincerity in sustainable design.  Since 1996  the 2 partners  have worked  on public and private projects that range from scientific to office and residential buildings , from new design to restoration and from showrooms to interiors and furniture. The design approach enganges an intensive communication process with the client- from broad concept to the detail. The company has particular experience in energy saving building planning , especially the german passivehouse standard, as well as building renovation and preservation with energy saving components.

Erk  Schaffarczyk,  dipl.-ing. architecture

Born and raised in Germany, he received his diploma in architecture from Berlin technical university in 1996. Because of his passion for wood and all kinds of sports he trained  and worked as a carpenter in Germany and France before he started his studies. His special education and the broad practical experience influenced his deep interest in creating sustainable buildings. Especially now in China the practical knowledge helps the company  to be able to guarantee a high quality execution of building and interior design.

Kathrin Albrecht,  dipl.-ing. architecture

Born and raised  in Germany, she received her diploma from Braunschweig  technical university in 1997. During  her studies she spent a year at universita degli studi di Firenze. In  TU Braunschweig she  worked as  an assistant in a design institute with the specialty of experimental lighting.  Her planning and supervision  knowledge she collected especially  working for Henn architects, who are specialized in scientific buildings, auto motor developments and factories,  as well as in project communication and cost control. These interesting years followed  the restauration of the highly protected, listed electrical transformation building, E-Werk, Berlin as projectmanager with  Schindele Hirschmueller and partner, before joining  Erk Schaffarczyk to establish –albrechtarchitects- in 2001.